Our services will keep you safe

At Cache Valley Fire Protection, fire extinguisher sales and services are only part of our business. Our goal is to keep your family safe and we do so by offering a variety of fire safety services including fire alarm inspections.

These Services Include:

  • Fire Alarm Inspections and Maintenance 
  • Fire Sprinkler Inspections and Maintenance
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring
  • Fire Suppression Systems Inspections and Maintenance
  • Fire Extinguisher Inspections and Maintenance
  • Backflow Testing
  • Exhaust Hood Pressure Washing

We understand that you are busy and fire safety is not always on your mind. To ensure the safety and reliability of your fire safety equipment our services include scheduled annual fire sprinkler, alarm and extinguisher testing.

New blank red fire extinguisher

Fire safety equipment is essential for every household. Call today!

For more information about our fire safety services and products call Cache Valley Fire Protection today at 435-770-0852. A call to us now could save your life in the future.